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I hate writing about pages, but here we are. Writing ‘about’ pages.

Firstly, does anybody read about pages? If you ask me thye

If I am lucky, that’s how much time I get before I get disrupted and have to take care of god knows what that happens that need my immediate attention. It’s usually that we are out of TP or something along those lines so not really a need but more a result of poor planning.

Anyway, lately I have been using these little 15 minute bursts to document the comings and goings of our lives and posting them so my 17 18 subscribers can read them.

Lately it seems the the shit hits the fan on Fridays but I think that’s just bad luck. Our fans are open 24/7 for shit so there’s usually something to write about that will be entertaining. It’s also a great way to document what is really just the daily craziness in our lives but seems to go by so fast. In some ways, this little newsletter is a diary of of our disasters (and successes, of course)

Anyway, I have always hated writing about pages so will stop. But I’m glad you’re here!

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James P Fitzsimmons

Husband, Dad, Writer and currently I exchange my time for money by delivering people from point a to point b. I write about the comings and goings of my family